Lone Survivor

DVD - 2014
Average Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5.
Lone Survivor
The story of four Navy SEALs sent on an ill-fated covert mission to neutralize a high-level Taliban operative. They are ambushed by enemy forces in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan. Based on The New York Times bestseller.


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Mar 18, 2015
  • Evangaline rated this: 1.5 stars out of 5.

This was disappointing. Most of the movie consisted of a graphic, never-ending firefight. There was very minimal character development. The only outcome a viewer was looking for was for the movie to finally end.

Feb 06, 2015
  • johnnybookreader rated this: 4 stars out of 5.

A Rip-roaring story! It grabs you from the neck at the beginning and does not let up! Now I want to read the book!

Feb 06, 2015
  • 4schwind rated this: 4 stars out of 5.

This is must see in the same way Blackhawk Down is a must see. The terror of our wars is real, and so is the human damage.

Jan 25, 2015
  • Venderis rated this: 2 stars out of 5.

I should mention that I read the book before seeing this movie and decide to watch the movie because I was so impressed by the book. That said, the movie was a huge disappointment. They turned a true and very moving story into a Hollywood action film. This story and those brave men deserved better!

Jan 17, 2015
  • michaelbrouillette rated this: 4.5 stars out of 5.

Wonderful movie.

Dec 19, 2014
  • bobbles1 rated this: 5 stars out of 5.

Great, great movie. One of the best combat movies ever, rivals Private Ryan, Thin Red Line, Band of Brothers, Bridge Too Far, Guns of Navarone, Black Hawk Down, for its portrayal of courage, toughness, and loyalty of the team to each other. Also it does a great job of contrasting Western values with totalitarian values that are hostile to life.

Nov 26, 2014
  • Old_Toto rated this: 1.5 stars out of 5.

Old_toto agrees with auntiejackie but scoring 1/2 star less than she because frequent injections of propaganda causes brain itch.

Nov 06, 2014
  • wongsokguan rated this: 4 stars out of 5.

Very intense! I read the book, and there is much more to the story.

Oct 26, 2014
  • thislibrarysucksbad rated this: 0.5 stars out of 5.

This one is not worth watching. It is severely stupid, horrendously horrible, and entirely unentertaining.

Oct 20, 2014
  • auntiejackie rated this: 2 stars out of 5.

Not a big fan of Mark Wahlburg and was disappointed when you start off the movie knowing he was playing the Lone Survivor.

Otherwise, movie was okay. I would never have guessed that a real life person could survive basically throwing themselves off cliffs not once or twice but three times. Since I don't know which is "true story" and which is "based on a true story", I can't speak to the authenticity of that part. I didn't feel like I wasted that time, but it's not something I'm going to watch again.

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Nov 05, 2014
  • tgwilliams rated this: 4 stars out of 5.

Been around the world twice, talked to everyone once.
Seen two whales fck, been to three world fairs!
Not I even know a man in Thia land with a wooden cock!
I push more peter, more sweeter and more completer than any other peter pusher around!

Nov 05, 2014
  • tgwilliams rated this: 4 stars out of 5.

I'm a hard-bodied, hairy-chested, rootin'-tootin' shootin' parachutin' demolition double cap crimpin' frog man! There ain't nothin' I can't do, nor sky too high, nor sea too rough, no muff too tough ... learned alot of lessons in my life!
Never shoot a large caliber-man with a small-caliber bullett!
Drive all kinds of trucks, 2bys, 4bys, 6bys, those big mthr fckrs that bend and go sshh sshh when you step on the brakes!

Nov 05, 2014
  • tgwilliams rated this: 4 stars out of 5.

Anything worth in life is worth overdoing, moderation is for cowards!
I'm a lover, I'm a fighter, I'm a UDT Navy SEAL diver!
I'll wine, dine, intertwine and sneak out the back door when the refueling is done!

Nov 05, 2014
  • tgwilliams rated this: 4 stars out of 5.

So If you're feelin' froggy then you better jump because this frogman's been there done that and is going back for more! - CHEERS BOYS!

Oct 15, 2014
  • BloomFree rated this: 4 stars out of 5.

At end of movie:

The Afghan villagers who protected Marcus did so out of duty to their 2000 year old code of honor known as Pashtunwali.

Pashtunwali requires a tribe to undertake the responsibility of safeguarding an individual against his enemies and protecting him at all costs.

Aug 21, 2014
  • jimg2000 rated this: 2 stars out of 5.

Marcus saved by tribal law Lokhay (from the book
Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10);

Lokhay means not only providing care and shelter, it means an unbreakable commitment to defend that wounded man to the death. And not just the death of the principal tribesman or family who made the original commitment for the giving of a pot. It means the whole damned village. Lokhay means the population of that village will fight to the last man, honor-bound to protect the individual they have invited in to share their hospitality. And this is not something to have a chitchat about when things get rough. It’s not a point of renegotiation. This is strictly nonnegotiable ... These friendly Pashtun tribesmen had decided to grant me lokhay. They were committed to defend me against the Taliban until there was no one left alive.

Aug 21, 2014
  • jimg2000 rated this: 2 stars out of 5.

There is no question
a part of me will forever be
up on that Mountain, dead...
As my brothers died.
But there is a part of me that
lived because of my brothers.
Because of them, I
am still alive.
And I can never forget that
no matter how much it hurts,
how dark it gets, or
how far you fall...


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Oct 15, 2014
  • BloomFree rated this: 4 stars out of 5.

BloomFree thinks this title is suitable for 18 years and over

Aug 28, 2014
  • Pepperjim2010 rated this: 4.5 stars out of 5.

Pepperjim2010 thinks this title is suitable for 15 years and over


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