Fiction Set in Shaker Heights

Full Cleveland
Full Cleveland By Roberts, Les Book - 1989 FIC ROB Available in some locations

Annotation:The main character, Milan Jacovich, travels through Shaker Heights and encounters other characters from Shaker Heights.

The Full Cleveland
The Full Cleveland A Novel By Reed, Terry Book - 2004 Fiction Reed Available in some locations

Annotation:The narrator, Boyce Parkman, and her four siblings are growing up in Shaker Heights.

Deep Shaker
Deep Shaker A Milan Jacovich Mystery By Roberts, Les Book - 2005 Fiction Roberts Available in some locations
The Weight of Heaven
The Weight of Heaven A Novel By Umrigar, Thrity N. Book - 2010 FICTION UMRIGAR Available in some locations

Annotation:One of the main characters, Ellie, is from Shaker Heights.


Shaker Heights is a popular setting in fiction, sometimes because the author hails from the city or other times because Shaker Heights connotes a special type of community.

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